Dare Nimo

["Alternative : だれにもひみすの恋物語","A Lesson in Naughtiness","A Lesson in Temptation","Dare Nimo Himitsu no Koi Monogatari","Dare Nimo...","Hoshi sae mo Nemuru Yoru","Koi no Neiro","No Panties Musume","Platonic Porno","Secret Love Stories","The Banquet of Stars","The Melody of Love","Tomodachi Shikkaku","Yuuwaku Lesson Itashimasho"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 22:19

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Dare Nimo summary:

Cheese! Anthology with one-shots from various mangakas: KITAGAWA Miyuki - Hoshi sae mo Nemuru Yoru SHIMAKI Ako - No Panties Musume : first extra from volume 2 of Boku ni Natta Watashi KASUGA Akane - Tomodachi Shikkaku: Riku is the prince of the school. Cute, kind, athletic...a perfect prince. If only she wasn't a girl!!!! On top of that she gets hassled by Sugisaki for grabbing the attention of the school's female body. Loved by girls as a prince and hated by guys..will she ever find love? (Note* NO YURI) YUMACHI Shin- Koi no Neiro: Chizu is an innocent little high school girl. She's living life as a normal girl and is happy. There is only one problem. The boy she FEARS MOST is in her same class!! He's always so mean to her for no reason at all? Is it hate? Or...? SAKURADA Hina - Yuuwaku Lesson Itashimasho YAMADA Komomo- Platonic Porno: Yuna is the most popular girl in school. Girls worship her and ask her for love advice. Yuna always gives perfectly worded grown up advice. Boys are too timid to ask out such an expert in love and dare not approach her. But she's never had a boyfriend before!!! Everyone thinks she's VERY experienced, but she actually has 0 experience. Since she loves helping out others in their love lives she secretly reads ecchi books to give her inspiration. But what happens when she's caught? By the author of her ecchi novels himself!!!

Status: completed
Drama Romance School Life Shoujo Comedy One Shot

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