Ko akuma cafe manga

["Alternative : 小恶魔的咖啡","小悪魔カフェ","小惡魔Cafe","Café Diabólico (Spanish)","Ko Akuma Cafe","Koakuma Café","Little Devil Cafe","Petit Devil Cafe"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 23:00

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Koakuma Cafe summary:

From Shoujo Manga Maniac: Sakura just has to get close to the super-handsome Chika, so she's willing to take on a job as a waiter. That's right, a waiter. She's so determined that she lies about her gender on her job application. As Sakura gets close to Chika, she discovers that though he's got an angelic face, he's a devilish tease. Will she let that deter her? No way!

Year: 2006
Status: completed
Romance Shoujo Comedy Gender Bender Smut

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