Lovely Baby

["Alternative : ラブリー・ベイベェ"]

Updated: February 09, 2022 23:08

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Lovely Baby summary:

Summary from Manga Abyss : My name is Kohinata An. My parents went overseas to work and left me to live with my grandma. However, she was hospitalized all of a sudden, leaving me as the manager of her lodging house! Furthermore, there are three cool guys lodging there! Ba-dump. Ba-dump. But one of these three guys, Ryuu-kun, seems to hate me for some reason... What for--?!

Status: ongoing
Drama Romance Shoujo Harem
1 Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Vol.1 Chapter 1
2 Vol.1 Chapter 2 : Vol.1 Chapter 2
3 Vol.1 Chapter 3 : Vol.1 Chapter 3

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